Using Transform Commands

Before you create a clipping mask, you might want to use one of the transform commands on the Edit menu to reshape layer contents so the shapes conform to the imagery that will be displayed. The transform commands are described in Table 1. Samples of the transform commands are shown in Figure 2. When a transform command is selected, a bounding box is displayed around the object. The bounding box contains handles that you can drag to modify the selection. A reference point is located in the center of the bounding box. This is the point around which the transform command takes place.


You can change the location of the reference point by dragging the point to a new location within the bounding box.

TABLE 1: Transform Commands




Changes the image size. Press [Shift] while dragging to scale proportionally. Press [Alt] (Win) or [option] (Mac) to scale from the reference point.


Allows rotation of an image 360°. Press [Shift] to rotate in increments of 15°.


Stretches an image horizontally or vertically, but cannot exceed the image boundary.


Stretches an image horizontally or vertically, and can exceed the image boundary.


Changes opposite sides of an image equally, and can be used to make an oval appear circular, or change a rectangle into a trapezoid.

Rotate 180°

Rotates image 180° clockwise.

Rotate 90° CW

Rotates image 90° clockwise.

Rotate 90° CCW

Rotates image 90° counterclockwise.

Flip Horizontal

Produces a mirror image along the vertical axis.

Flip Vertical

Produces a mirror image along the horizontal axis.


Sample transformations

1A rrditriotnl 9 100/j (Back&ruunil,RCG/St1)

Scale ^^^ Distort

Rotate Skew

Perspective °nt'nal Rome ISO

RtmrEc 'XI OV Botiiis m [X'W Flip IInriirrnu! Flip Vertical

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