With Imagery

What You'll Do

In this lesson, you'll convert type to a shape layer using the Convert to Shape command, then adjust the levels to create a screened back effect.

Screening Type

Using many of the techniques you already know, you can create the illusion that type appears to fade into the imagery below it. This is known as screening back or screening type. You can create a screened back effect in many ways. One method is to adjust the opacity of a type layer until you can see imagery behind it. Another method is to convert a type layer into a


Screened back type

Image visible beneath screened back text

Screened back text shape layer, which adds a vector mask, then adjust the levels of the shape layer until you achieve the look you desire. A vector mask makes a shape's edges appear neat and defined on a layer. As part of this screening back process, the type assumes the shape of its mask. Figure 16 shows a sample of screened back type. Notice that the layer imagery beneath the type layer is visible.

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You can always adjust a layer's opacity so you can see more underlying imagery.

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