18 Non-destructive Techniques

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To display a selection of photos in the Preview panel just multi-select the thumbnails in the content area. The size of each image will be automatically adjusted to suit the space available in the panel.

To stack or group a selection of photos, again multi-select the candidate photos in the Content panel and then right click on one of the thumbnails. Next, choose Group as Stack from the pop-up menu.

Initially all the photos will remain displayed as individual thumbnails. To stack the pictures in the group, click on the number in the top left-hand corner of the first thumbnail. To display all the photos contained in a stacked, click on the number.

Shortcut: B OS: Windows

CS2, CS3 also:

Shortcut: B OS: Windows

CS2, CS3 also:

Shortcut: - OS: Windows

CS2, CS3 also:

Start by creating a new blank layer above the image or background layer. Next rename the layer Dodge and Burn and change the blend mode of the layer to Soft Light. The lightening and darkening changes will be applied to this layer and the original pixels beneath will not be touched.

Start by creating a new layer above the image layer or background layer in your photo. You can do this by selecting Layer > New > Layer or by clicking the Create New Layer button in the Layers palette. Label this layer Texture.

To burn in make sure that the new layer is active and then select the default colors for foreground (black) and background (white). Select a soft-edged brush and reduce the opacity to between 20-30%. Start to paint in the bright areas of the image. The black paint combined with the Soft Light blend mode acts like a nondestructive burn in tool.

Next fill the layer with 50% gray using the Edit > Fill layer command. 50% gray is one of the preset fill options available in the Fill dialog. This mid gray fill provides a tone for the Add Noise filter to work on.


Hard Light

Lock: Gy+fl

To lighten or dodge areas switch paint colors so that now the foreground color is white and paint away as before. In this scenario the white paint and the Soft Light blend mode works like a non-destructive version of the Dodge tool.

Now change the blend mode of the Texture layer to Vivid Light or Hard Light. Select the Add Noise filter from the Filter > Noise menu and adjust the settings in the Filter dialog whilst watching the results preview in the document window.

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