Photoshop9 CS3 A-Z

Tools and features illustrated ready reference




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Photoshop CS3 A-Z

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With thanks to the great guys at and Jupiterlmages Corporation for their generous support in supplying the tutorial images for this text. Copyright © 2007 Hamera and its licensors. All rights reserved.

All other images and illustrations by the author © Philip Andrews & Peter Bargh 2007. All rights reserved.

Always for Kassy-Lee and my great kids Adrian and Ellena.

Cheers to Peter Bargh for all his hard work making this title the success it already is and my thanks to him for allowing me to carry on the tradition he started.

Thanks also to the staff at Focal Press including Marie Hooper, Emma Baxter, Margaret Denley, Georgia Kennedy and Stephanie Barrett.

My appreciation goes to Bryan O'Neil Hughes at Adobe for his support, technical advice and kind Foreword. And thanks once more to Adobe for bringing image enhancement and editing to us all through their innovative and industry-leading products, and the other hardware and software manufacturers whose help is an essential part of writing any book of this nature. In particular I wish to thank technical and marketing staff at Adobe, Microsoft, Canon, Nikon, and Epson. Also to Manfred 'Grids Rule!' Huber for his design guidance.

And finally my thanks to all the readers who continue to inspire and encourage me with their generous praise and great images. Keep emailing me to let me know how your imaging is going.

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