^ Change your view and workspace. Use the

View menu to customize what the Bridge window shows, and use the WindowO Workspace menu to determine how it is displayed. In Figure 4-8, you see the default workspace as well as the Lightbox workspace (which shows a number of fairly large images) and the Filmstrip Focus view (for seeing a number of thumbnails and a large preview).

^ Export the cache. When the content of a folder is finalized — when the images in the folder won't change — use the ToolsOCacheOExport Cache command. Exporting the cache drastically reduces the amount of time it takes to display thumbnails and metadata. If the content of the folder does change, purge the folder's cache and export again (both by using the ToolsOCache menu). Remember to export the cache just before burning a folder of images to CD or DVD.

Figure 4-8: Use a workspace that fits your needs.

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