The Posterize command forces your image's broad range of colors into a few selected colors (as shown in Figure 6-18). You automatically get black and white, and then a limited number of additional colors, based on the content of the original. You pick the number of colors that you want to use, and Photoshop picks which colors to use. You can use as few as two colors (plus black and white) or as many as 255 (which pretty much gives you your original image). Posterize can create a rather pleasing rendering of a photo with very few colors.

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Figure 6-18: Reduce colors with Posterize for a special effect.

When experimenting with Posterize, click in the Levels field and use the up-and down-arrow keys on your keyboard to preview different numbers of colors. Start low and work your way up. If you see something that you like, you can stop or you can keep going and come back to that number later — the image will look exactly the same when you try that number again.

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