The Camera Raw buttons

In the lower-right corner of the dialog box are four buttons, three of which have hidden features that you access by pressing the Option/Alt key (as shown in Figure 7-12):

i Save.../Save: After making your adjustments, click the Save... button to open the DNG Converter dialog box and save a copy of the image as a DNG file. Option-click/ Alt-click to bypass the DNG Options dialog box and simply save the image as a DNG file. When you close the Camera Raw window, the image is saved automatically. (For more on the DNG file format and the DNG Options dialog box, see the sidebar, "The DNG file format.")

i Cancel/Reset: Clicking Cancel closes the Camera Raw window without making any changes to the image's metadata. Holding down the Option/Alt key changes the button to Reset, which restores the settings seen when you first opened the image in Camera Raw.

i Open/Open Copy: After making your adjustments, click Open to update the file's metadata and open the image in Photoshop itself. Holding down Option/Alt changes the button to Open Copy, which opens the image without updating the metadata. You might use Open Copy when creating a second version of the image while preserving your exactingly precise original adjustments.

i Done: The Done button, with or without the Option/Alt key, simply updates the image's metadata with the adjustments you've made and closes Camera Raw without opening the image.

Figure 7-12: Use the Option/Alt key to show the lower set of buttons.

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