The Lens tab

Use the Lens tab's controls (as shown in Figure 7-8) to compensate for certain undesirable characteristics of your lens. Zoom in on an area of angled lines in an image — perhaps tree branches in front of a bright sky — and look for colorful halos or fringes along edges. Use the Chromatic Aberration sliders to minimize the fringe. Be patient and careful — often there will be one precise pair of settings that eliminates the pr

Use the Vignetting sliders to eliminate darkness around the edges of the image or, perhaps, to introduce either darkness or lightness as a special effect. When the Amount slider has a value other than 0, the Midpoint slider is active, which lets you set the diameter of the vignette. In Figure 7-9, the original image is shown at the top. Below, you see what happens when you drag the Amount slider to the left for a dark effect and to the right to lighten the corners of the shot, smoothing the appearance of the sky.

Figure 7-7: Reducing noise and smoothing luminance can greatly improve shadow areas.
Figure 7-9: Drag the Amount slider to the left to darken corners, to the right to lighten.
Figure 7-8: Minimize colored fringe with the Chromatic Aberration sliders.


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