The Settings pop-up and menu

Click the Settings pop-up menu — the menu to the left in Figure 7-5 — to select from among saved sets of adjustments and any recent image adjustments. Most of the time, you'll use these as a starting point — as soon as you make an adjustment to a slider, the Settings pop-up switches to Custom.

Use the menu shown to the right in Figure 7-5 to save sets of settings in Camera Raw for future use. If, for example, you shot a series of images under identical conditions with identical camera settings, you can adjust one of the images and save those adjustments for use with your other images.

Note, too, that you can access the Camera Raw Preferences through the same menu. In the Preferences tab, you can elect to save all the various image adjustments with the individual images in sidecar files or in a single database. (For most users, keeping the settings in a sidecar file is more practical.) You can also choose to apply any sharpening to the image preview or to the preview and the image itself. (Because you have more control over sharpening in Photoshop than you do in Camera Raw, I suggest that you don't do any sharpening in Camera Raw.) You can also increase the maximum size for the Camera Raw cache, which could be important if you process a huge number of images through the plug-in.

Figure 7-5: To the left are predefined adjustments; to the right you save and load settings.

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