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To get your site ready to post, you can use Photoshop's Web Photo Gallery feature. (If you have GoLive, you might want to use that program or perhaps generate a Web Photo Gallery and customize it in GoLive.) Web Photo Gallery creates the entire Web site from your folder of images and the guidance that you provide for customization of the site. You end up with a home page (named index.htm — the page you open in your Web browser) as well as folders named Pages, Thumbnails, and Images. Depending on the layout you select, you might also generate a few additional files. Remember that you must keep all these elements together for the Web site to function properly.

As you see in Figure 4-14, you have a rather long list of site layouts from which to choose. (Your list might vary.) Thankfully, the preview below the Cancel button gives you some idea of the layout, so you don't have to generate a full Web Photo Gallery only to change your mind.

Web Photo Gallery

Centered - Rounded Edges / Centered Frame 1 - Basic Centered Frame 1 - Feedback Centered frame 1 - Ipfo Oniy Centered Frame 2 - Feedback Dotted fiorder - Black on White Dotted Border - Whtfe on Slack Flash - Gallery 1 Rash - Gallery 2 Flash - Gallery 3 Gray Thumbnails Horizontal - Feedback Horizontal Cray Horizontal Neutral Horizontal Slides how Light box

Modern - Horizontal Modern - Li« With Thumbnails Modern - Ust

Simple - Horizontal Thumbnails Simple - Thumbnail Table Simple - vertical Thumbnails Simple

Table - Minimal Table 1 Table 2

Figure 4-14: To the right, you see the substantial list of Web Photo Gallery templates.

In the top sections of the Web Photo Gallery dialog box, you choose the layout from the Style menu, enter your e-mail address so visitors to the site can tell you how wonderful it is, and select both a source folder (the images to post on the site) and the destination (a folder where the various parts of your new Web site can be saved — any place except the source folder).

In the Options area of the Web Photo Gallery dialog box, you make decisions about how you want to customize the template. In additional to the General options shown in Figure 4-14, you have five additional panels of options in which to work: Banner, Large Images, Thumbnails, Custom Color, and Security (shown in Figure 4-15). Note that not all options are available for all templates. If having the filename as a caption is critical to your concept, make sure you're using a template that includes that option.

Web Photo Gallery

Figure 4-14: To the right, you see the substantial list of Web Photo Gallery templates.

Options: ftanne^

Sue Name Adobe Web Photo Gallery Photographer Joe Photo shopper

Contacr :nfo Jphotoshopper^&yoLirs

Font; Helvetica

Font Size: 3

Options: large Images

;^Add NuTieric Liiks

File Size


: ' 350 pi




1:1 s


Border Size. 1 pixels Titles Use "Filename _ Title

^ Description _Copyright

Border Size. 1 pixels Titles Use "Filename _ Title

^ Description _Copyright

Options tumbnails

Si2e Medmm t 1 >5 pj^eSs

Columns |5 Rows 3

Border Size: 0 pixels

Titles Use Filename G Title

C Description _ Copyright Credits

Font Helvetica J 1 Font Size. 3

Options: Custom Colors

Background | | Banner

Text. UflH Active Link' F~~ Liri ■ Visited Link |1|

Background | | Banner

Text. UflH Active Link' F~~ Liri ■ Visited Link |1|

Options: Security


Custom Text


Custom Text.

©2005 Joe Photos hopper




Font Size

136 pt




: Onacttv. ISO >1 %






Figure 4-15: Not all options are available for every Web Photo Gallery template.

Prepare a folder of perhaps four or five images and create galleries from the layouts that look most interesting. By using only a few images, you save a bunch of time while experimenting. This also gives you a chance to preview the options you've selected, including the font size for Security. (It would be a shame to generate a gallery of hundreds of images only to find out that your copyright notice is wider than the images.) Remember, too, that you can manually create a replacement image (see Chapter 17) and substitute it in the Images folder (using exactly the same name). And as a great shortcut to generate small images for another program or a PDF Presentation, you can run Web Photo Gallery and then delete everything except the Images folder.

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