Whitening teeth

Teeth generally are not truly white (unless somebody has spent a lot of time and money getting ready for a portfolio shoot). Instead, you see shades of ivory and yellow in teeth, but they don't necessarily have to be unattractive or distracting shades of yellow. Use the Dodge tool to lighten teeth. From the Options bar, set the tool to Midtones (not Highlights) and an Exposure of perhaps 30% for front teeth. Then switch to Shadows and lighten those molars visible in back. Don't overdo it — remember that folks who don't make their living in Hollywood or on TV generally don't have snow-white teeth. Figure 9-7 shows normal people teeth, "improved" normal people teeth, and Hollywood teeth. Balance your judgment with the client's needs.

Figure 9-7: Coffee, cigarettes, and caps; Dodge tool digital correction; show-biz-white teeth.

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