Then use the Magic eraser tool or any method you want to create the shape you want the picture to be. | Photoshop Contests | Are you Worthy™ | tutorial

Page 3: Paste it

Now paste onto the background picture of your choice.

It does not have to be a wall. It could be a car, a computer, on a person to make the appearance of a tattoo, or any other picture that you would like to use.

Adjust and tweak major glitches or problems to the pasted picture at this time.

Page 4: Perspective

Now we will adjust to the direction of the background.

Adjust your picture with the free transform tool right click then click perspective. This tool takes a little time to adjust to. Practice on a blank document.

The logo is now flattened and really unattractive. Let's adjust the height and length.

As you can tell I have erased the productions part of the logo to just showcase the TM in the square. Now on to the fun part.

Page 5: Adjustments and overlay

Move your picture around the background making sure that the scale and perspective match the area you're placing your picture Then

I will be selecting overlay to complete the picture.

Choose the option that better suits the lighting or feel of your picture.

Page 6: Solong

I hope that this tutorial helps with any problems you have or has shown you something new. TMproductions r 3

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