Archiving Your Work

Storage-media prices have fallen to incredible levels. A DVD-R disc can hold 4.4 GB and is priced less than $2 per disc. Don't need that much room? CD-R discs have fallen in price to the point where you can find spindles on sale that end up being free after rebate. You have no economic reason not to save your work.

I keep binders with project files burned to CD-R and DVD-R. This proves invaluable for future projects for clients and for revisions. (Don't ever believe "it's done" actually means something.) To make the whole archive even more useful, enter the details of each disc into a database in a program like Filemaker Pro.

Several designers and companies I have worked with are nervous about giving clients all of the assets for a project. If you have a good relationship with the customer, you should at least be comfortable handing over your production files. If you are concerned about getting paid, hold onto things until the checks come in. Clients come back because of your creativity and level of service, not the fact that you hold their project's assets hostage.

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