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Photoshop has a logical and powerful set of keyboard shortcuts, many of which you'll learn throughout this book. But if along the way, you find one "missing" or "misplaced," feel free to change it. Starting with Photoshop CS, you can customize keyboard shortcuts and create new sets of shortcuts.

Defining or Modifying Keyboard Shortcuts

Step 1. Choose Edit>Keyboard Shortcuts or press m+k (A + S + L + 3).

Step 2. Create a new set of shortcuts or modify the default set.

Step 3. Select a shortcut type to modify (Application Menus, palette Menus, or Tools) from the Shortcuts For menu.

Step 4. In the Shortcut column of the list, click on the shortcut you'd like to modify.

An Exclamation Point Means the Shortcut is Taken

If a keyboard shortcut is 1 m I taken, Photoshop will alert you. Follow the onscreen directions to resolve the conflicts.

Step 5. Type a new shortcut to replace an existing shortcut or add a new one.

Step 6. After changes are made, the shortcut set will appear with the words modified. You can click OK to keep the changes or click the disk icon to save it.

Defining a New Set of Shortcuts

If you want to create a new set of shortcuts, choose one of the following options:

• Create a new set of shortcuts before you edit by clicking the New Set button.

• Create a new set after you've modified shortcuts by clicking the New Set button. This will incorporate any changes you've made.

To save the shortcuts as a file, when you click save, Photoshop CS will navigate to the keyboard shortcuts folder. Name the file and add the extension .keys to the name.

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