Clone Stamp

The Clone Stamp (©) is an old favorite of Photoshop users. It's been there forever, and with a little practice, produces predictable and accurate results. It works by sampling pixels from one area and applying them in another. This technique goes beyond copy and paste, however, because it uses the flexibility of Photoshop's Brush palette.

Step 1. Open the file Ch10_Clone_Stamp.psd from the DVD-ROM and select the Clone Stamp tool by pressing

Step 2. Select a brush from the Options bar or Brush palette.

Step 3. Experiment with blending modes. This can be useful when retouching to avoid visible cloning.

Step 4. Specify the alignment. If Aligned is selected, the sample point and painting point move parallel as you move. If the user clicks and starts over, the sample point picks up where it was last. If Aligned is deselected, the initial sample point is used (even after you stop and resume cloning.) The second method ensures that you are always sampling from the same area. You can clone from all visible layers by specifying Use All Layers. If this is deselected, only the active layer is used.

Step 5. o+click (^0+click) within the current document, or another open document set to the same color mode. This defines the source point for sampled pixel data.

Step 6. Click and start to paint as if you were using the Brush tool (you are essentially sampling pixels from one area and painting them into another). The sampled pixels are drawn from before you click. Therefore, it may be necessary to release and start over occasionally to avoid cloning the problem area.

Step 7. Try cloning at a lower opacity from several different places to fill in a problem area. This way you can avoid too much repetition.

Step 8. Try to "follow the line" by looking for edges to follow. Straight lines such as creases in clothing are easier to follow than random spots. Look to follow the natural folds and linear paths that are present.

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