Creating a Screened Area

Another technique to make a "cleared" area for text involves using a screen. This is a very traditional print process, but it works well for video as well. Let's use the same image we had open for our last example.

Step 1. Use (or open) the file Ch11_BG_Market.psd from the DVD-ROM.

Step 2. With the Rectangular Marquee, draw an area for your text (often referred to as the text block).

Step 3. Add a Levels adjustment layer by choosing Layer>New Adjustment Layer>Levels and click OK to create the layer.

Step 4. Drag the Gray Midpoint slider for Input to the left (a value of approximately 1.75 should work).

Step 5. Lighten the box by dragging the Black Output slider to the right (a value of 100 should work).

The advantage to using an adjustment layer is that you can continue to modify the background layers.

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