Creating Backgrounds For Video

While the video world often constrains itself to a 4X3 or 16X9 aspect ratio, the real world does not. When incorporating photos, type, and logos, there is often empty space. Some choose to leave this area empty (or filled with black). I like the color black more than most peopleā€”in fact, half my wardrobe is gray, charcoal, or black. But even I'll admit that it can get pretty boring for video.

To combat this, you can wallpaper the screen. You may choose to fill the screen with blended colors, repeating patterns, or soft textures. In all cases, Photoshop proves to be an excellent tool for creating backgrounds for video. If you choose to animate these backgrounds, they can easily be imported as layered images into After Effects, Combustion, and most nonlinear editing packages these days. In fact, 75% of my After Effects work starts in Photoshop. With this wide-open box of possibilities, let's begin.

How To Create Your Own Video Product

How To Create Your Own Video Product

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