Crop and Straighten Photos with Automation

When scanning, it's tempting to get lazy. Instead of putting every photo one at a time on the scanner bed, it's often easier to load up the flatbed. Photoshop CS adds the Crop and Straighten Photos command that creates separate files from multiple images in a single scan.

Performing the Crop and Straighten Photos Command

Step 1. Scan multiple images directly into Photoshop, or open a composite scan. For specific scanning instructions, see your owner's manual for the scanner; for general scanning tips see Chapter 2, "Pixels: Time for Tech."

Better Edges for Crop & Straighten

^ You should keep an eighth of an inch between the images on your scanner bed. This should be an even color, such as the white or black from the scanner lid. Clear edges are the key to this command succeeding.








File Info...


Page Setup...




Print One Copy


Jump To

PDf Presentation... Create Droplet...


Contact Sheet II...

Picture Package...

Adobe Media Gallery... conditional Mode Change... Fit Image... Merge to KOR... Photo merge..,

Step 2. Highlight the layer that contains the images. You can also draw rough selections with the lasso tools (hold shift to add more selections) to specify to capture only specific images to be processed.

Step 3. Choose File>Automate>Crop and Straighten Photos. Each image will be processed and open into a separate window.

If the Crop and Straighten Photos Command Fails

Step 1. Make a selection border around the image and some background.

Step 2. Hold down the O key (A) and pick File>Automate> Crop and Straighten Photos. This tells Photoshop that you only want to crop a single image with the command.

Step 3. If unsuccessful, just grab the Crop Tool and make the crop manually.

Original image has noticeable distortion.
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