Defining the Area to be Affected by a Filter

The key to achieving results with filters is accurately specifying the area to be affected. Depending on the desired outcome, filters may be run on the entire image, a small portion, or even a single channel. It is a good idea to test a filter by running it on a small area first. With no selection made, a filter will process the entire image, even those parts that extend beyond the work area. Running a filter with no selection assures that you will filter all pixels on a layer, even those that are not currently visible.

Master Selections

Good filtering requires good selections. Be sure to see Chapter 4.

To affect only a portion of the image, you must make a selection with the Marquee, Lasso, or Wand tools. For more details on additional selections, see Chapter 4, "What About Transparency?"

The Select Color Range command is invaluable for selecting large areas of an image. It is significantly faster (and easier) to use than other commands.
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