Gently softening an image works well. This can create a sense of image without dominating the screen. One of the most effective filters for this is the Lens Blur filter first introduced in Photoshop CS (if this is not available to you, then go for Gaussian Blur). Let's try it out:

Step 1. Open the file Ch11_BG_Market.psd from the DVD-ROM.

Step 2. Duplicate the Background layer by pressing IX+0 (^B+O). By filtering a copy of the background, you can reduce the opacity of the blurred copy to modify the strength of blurring.

Step 3. Apply the Lens Blur filter by choosing Filter>Blur>Lens Blur. Adjust the filter to taste, but favor an out of focus image. Click OK when satisfied.

Photoshop Secrets

Photoshop Secrets

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