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Since this book is exclusively for the video audience, I am assuming you have access to a drive that can read DVDs. If you don't, buy one. There are so many free resources on the disc that the money spent will be worth it.

The book and DVD-ROM are meant to be enjoyed together. Nearly every chapter has its own project files so you can try the techniques discussed in the chapter. Look throughout the chapter for the On the DVD icon to point out much of the bonus content.

You can explore the disc on your own or use the interactive Pixel Browser. The browser helps sort through the 8+ gigabytes of demos, source files, fonts, freebies, tutorials, and source files. You'll find helpful descriptions and a familiar browser environment to view content. For your browsing enjoyment, I've even added a jukebox filled with songs from one of my favorite bands, The Nadas. Be sure to check them out on the DVD as well as visit their website at http://www.thenadas.com.

How To Create Your Own Video Product

How To Create Your Own Video Product

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