Export Layers to Files

As you work with different video applications, you will find that support for Photoshop layers is not universal. To get past this limitation, Photoshop offers a useful script called Export Layers to Files. Photoshop allows you to convert a layered file into a series of individual files. You can choose to create a PSD, BMP, JPEG, PDF, Targa, or TIFF file for each layer. Layers are named automatically as they are

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Page setup... Print..,


Layer Comps to AMC... Layer Comps 10 Files... Layer Comps to PDF,,.

Print One Copy


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Sending Layers to Files

^ Need to import a layered file into a program doesn't recognize layers (such as Apple's LiveType)? Be sure to check out the great script called Export Layers to Files.

created; however, you have options that you can use for naming. Let's give it a try.

Step 1. Open the file Scripts_Demo.psd from the Chapter 12 folder on the DVD-ROM.

Step 2. Choose File>Scripts>Export Layers to Files. . . to run the script.

Step 3. In the Export Layers to Files dialog box, choose a destination by clicking the Browse button. For this sample, create a new folder on the desktop called Export.

Step 4. Enter a descriptive name into the File Name Prefix text box.

Step 5. Choose a File Type and set any options for the exported file. For our sample, choose PSD and check the Maximize Compatibility box.

Select the Visible Layers Only option if you want to export only layers that are visible.

For video workflow, you can leave the ICC Profile option unchecked

Step 6. Click Run.

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