External Testing Options

If you are unable to attach a television or broadcast monitor to your computer system, external testing may be the way to go. You can always output your graphics to traditional media for testing on an external device.

There is absolutely no replacement for the least common denominator. If your graphics look good on VHS, they will certainly look good on beta or broadcast. Just batch import your graphics into an NLE and go straight to VHS. With the right video card, you may be able to go right out of your Mac or PC. Most video makers hate VHS for its low quality, but it is the "ultimate" test for all graphics.


Have a DVD recorder? Chances are it shipped with all the software you need. Most DVD authoring applications will allow you to import full-screen graphics. Look for a slideshow feature to bring in a folder full of graphics.

The DVD-RW format is not as widely promoted. Discs cost about three times more than a burn-once disc. These have the benefit of being able to be reused hundreds of times. The DVD-RW discs generally take longer to burn, but you are likely only testing a small amount of data.

While the DVD+R format is relatively common, it is not as desirable. The discs are not as compatible as the DVD-R format. In fact, the DVD+R format is not recognized as a true DVD and does not feature the DVD logo.

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