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If you are an instructor, I sincerely hope that you will adapt this book to your specific curriculum. I have designed it to be a great resource for advanced courses in screen graphics or video production. This book is based on techniques that I have taught over the years. I am a college instructor, as well as a frequent speaker at industry conferences and training events.

There are several sample files that you can use for demonstration purposes during lessons or lectures. If students own the book, I recommend copying a chapter's files to their local computer. This way, they can save and work with the material.

You will also find an excellent series of articles from http:// included on the disc. These serve as excellent supplemental material or to fill in points that a new user might not know. This book is written assuming that the reader has completed a "beginner book." If this is not the case, please consult several of the supplemental materials. Be sure to check out the Adobe Evangelist site for more advanced articles on Photoshop and all other Adobe products.

An instructor's guide is available on the Photoshop for Video website ( It contains outlines to each chapter, suggested exercises, sample exam questions, and project ideas that students can complete to refine their skills. Additionally, a list of resources for each chapter is also available to help you map the book and disc content to your lesson plans.

As a fellow instructor, you'll understand how much work goes into preparing lessons and sample exercises that are helpful and meaningful. The entire content of this book and DVD-ROM are copyrighted. Owners of the book are granted specific rights as granted in the End User's License or in supplemental licenses provided in each folder. While there are several excellent resources, many of them fully functional or "free," they are for those who purchased the book. In some cases, I have content on the disc that is also available online. I have placed it on the disc for convenience. (Downloading a 12-MB file to 25 lab machines over a network can be slow.) If students do not (yet) own the book, they can access some of the content this way.

If a school distributes copies of the source files, software, plug-ins, movies, or PDFs to anyone who has not purchased the book, that constitutes copyright infringement. Also, reproducing pages electronically or physically is a bad thing. Thanks for respecting my work and that of the project's contributors. Your voluntary compliance with copyright enables this book to be updated and me to keep teaching others. Thanks again!

Qualified teaching professionals can acquire evaluation copies of this book by submitting the request form provided on the Focal Press Web site.


This book and the accompanying DVD are intended to be a teaching guide, a reference book, and a source of inspiration. It is my hope to make your job easier and your projects more professional looking. To move you towards this goal, I will occasionally take related tangents. Photoshop is a companion to many other applications, so don't be surprised to dip into specific nonlinear editing systems (NLEs) or even After Effects. Photoshop integration is an essential skill in taking your video editing and motion graphic skills to a higher level.

But I'll be honest... Photoshop can be pretty intimidating with its myriad of tools and windows. With hundreds of menu commands, it's pretty easy to get lost. But you need to remember that Adobe Photoshop is the number one selling image editor in the world for good reason. Learning to master Adobe Photoshop is very likely if you take a balanced and measured approach.

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