Gradient Fill Layer

A Gradient Fill layer creates a new gradient layer in your document (Layer>New Fill Layer > Gradient or from the Create New Adjustment or Fill Layer menu at the bottom of the layer's palette). Instead of drawing the gradient, you access its controls from the editor and a pop-up window. The gradient can be positioned by dragging in the open document. You can

also change the direction and shape of the gradient. When you are satisfied, click OK. While this gradient is not very flexible, it can be included when creating an action. To confine the new gradient to a specific area, make a selection first. This will add a layer mask to the gradient layer. You can edit this mask at any time by highlighting the layer and using any painting tool or filter.

You can click the gradient to display the Gradient Editor. You can also click on the drop-down arrow to access the pop-up gradient palette. You can choose to set additional options, or edit the gradient if desired. All of the previous options and styles are available to modify the gradient. Additionally, you can move the center of the gradient by clicking and dragging inside the Image window.

Double-clicking on the adjustment layer's icon launches the gradient controls. You can then click and drag within the window to reposition the gradient.
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