A frequently underused feature is the Gradient Map (Layer> New Adjustment Layer > Gradient Map). The Gradient Map applies a new gradient to the grayscale range of an image. A two-color gradient produces a nice duotone effect. Shadows map to one of the color stops of the gradient fill; highlights map to the other. The midtones map to the gradations in between.

A multicolored gradient or noise gradient can add interesting colors to an image. This is an effective technique for colorizing textures or photos for a background. I recommend using the Gradient Map from the Adjustment Layers menu, because it will provide the necessary flexibility to tweak your look. To modify the Gradient Map, access the Gradient Editor and adjust the previously

The Gradient Map adjustment layer is fast and flexible. You can also change the adjustment layer's blending mode to extend the effect's possibilities.

Gradient Map in AE?

^ Looking for the gradient map in After Effects? It's called Colorama. It's great for special looks and color treatments.

Step 1. Open the DVD-ROM.

Step 6.

mentioned options. Remember, Dither adds random noise, which can smooth the appearance of the gradient fill, thus reducing banding. Let's try it out.

Step 1. Open the DVD-ROM.

file Ch11_Gray_BG.psd from the

Step 2. Add a new Gradient Map adjustment layer by choosing Layer>New Adjustment Layer>Gradient Map. Then click OK.

Step 3. In the Gradient Map window, click the drop-down list near the gradient preview to see a list of thumbnails. These would work fine, but let's load some more.

Step 4. In the thumbnail area, click the triangular submenu to the right to show the list of gradient presets. Choose Color Harmonies 2 and click OK to load it.

Step 5. Choose the Orange, Yellow preset and click OK.

Step 6.

It is now time to experiment with Blending modes. Press V to select the Move tool then press to cycle modes. Color Burn, Linear Light, and Color look good in my opinion. Choose one you like (to move backwards through the blending list press s+c ).

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