How Do You Import Graphics into Final Cut Pro?

Importing graphics into your system is pretty straightforward.

However, there are a few options that you need to understand.

The steps are as follows.

To import a file or folder:

Step 1. At the Finder level, copy or move the files and folders that need to be imported to the project folder and hard disk. It is a good idea to keep all non-timecoded elements, such as graphics, sound files, and imported movies, in one folder. This facilitates the archival and backup procedures needed to preserve a project.

Step 2. In the Browser, select a destination.

a. Click on a project's tab to import files or folders into the main (root) level of a project.

b. To import files directly into a bin within a project, you most first open that bin. Double-click the bin; it will open in a separate window. Import your items directly into this bin.

Step 3. To import, do one of the following:

a. Drag the files or folders from the finder to a project tab or bin in the Browser.

b. Choose Import from the File menu (KX+0). Select File or Folder from the submenu. Select a file or folder in the dialog box, and click Open.

c. Control-click in the Browser or a bin's window. Next, choose Import File or Import Folder from the pop-up menu. Select a file or folder then click Open.

Step 4. Save the project.

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