Throughout this book, I have included callout boxes that either present you with additional noteworthy information or direct you toward another resource (the Internet or the included DVD-ROM). The icons associated with these callouts are in the margin.

Key to the Icons


Web Link. Go online to find out more.


On the DVD. Resources on the DVD-ROM that are important to the current subject.

Noteworthy. "Gotchas" to avoid, new terminology, or Photoshop-related skills.


Technical Tips. Hints and tricks to make Photoshop work for you.

Photoshop Secrets

Photoshop Secrets

Are You Frustrated Because Your Graphics Are Not Looking Professional? Have You Been Slaving Over Your Projects, But Find Yourself Not Getting What You Want From Your Generic Graphic Software? Well, youre about to learn some of the secrets and tips to enhance your images, photos and other projects that you are trying to create and make look professional.

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