Masking Adjustment Layers

If you want to apply an adjustment only to part of a layer, make an active selection as you would for any other change (see Chapter 4, "What About Transparency?"). Then, when you create the Adjustment Layer, it will automatically mask the adjustment to apply only to your selection. It is a good idea to feather the edges of your selection (Select>Modify> Feather) for a more believable adjustment. Otherwise, you will see a hard edge that makes the adjustment very easy to spot.

The sign can use a little "punching up." (Photo by James Ball.)

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The sign can use a little "punching up." (Photo by James Ball.)

The new image has a different "feel." If I change my mind, editing is a double-click away.

Video #15 The Power of Adjustment Layers

Adjustment Layers offer the flexibility you need to edit images non-destructively. Check out the video tutorial on the DVD-ROM.

Adjustment Layers can also have gradient masks applied. The Adjustment Layer automatically comes with a mask applied. Just click on its thumbnail (the big, empty white one), and you will see a border around the mask's icon. You can now add a gradient or hand-painted mask in which to blend the adjustment. To see these two techniques applied, open up the file Ch09_AL_.psd.

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