NTSC Colors

Unfortunately, this filter hard clips color information that falls outside the safe color range for the NTSC model. Instead of gently fading these colors, a hard clip is quite visible. Use this filter to check for problem areas, and then adjust by hand with the sponge tool set to desaturate. This filter does not take the place of a dedicated NTSC monitor, or better yet, a scope.

The De-Interlace filter has removed the field rendering from this still graphic. Fields are useful in motion sources, but not in Photoshop.
The NTSC Colors filter in Photoshop is used to remove colors that are too saturated for broadcast. Unfortunately, the filter creates clipping and banding. Instead, use the Broadcast Safe Saturation action in the Video Actions set that can be found in the submenu of the Actions palette.

Video Filters

The Video filters aren't very deep: one is useful, the other is not very. Hopefully Adobe (hint) will develop more (hint) video filters.

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