Offset and Clone

The "original" method of creating seamless patterns involves the Offset filter. By shifting an image, the seams become clearly visible. You can then employ the Clone Stamp or Healing Brush to smooth out the edges.

Step 1. Open the file Ch11_Brick.tif to try out this technique.

Step 2. The brick photo contains several repeating patterns. However, the photo is slightly misaligned, which will cause problems. If you have horizontal or vertical lines, check alignment using guides.

• You need to determine the specific misalignment. Select the Measure tool; it is in the same well as the Eyedropper tools. (To cycle, press t^fa+i )

• Measure along a straight line to determine the misalignment.

• Select Image>Rotate Canvas>Arbitrary. The appropriate measurement is automatically plugged in and will correct misalignment.

The original image.
Use the Measure tool to determine if the image needs to be rotated into alignment.

Step 3. Crop a small portion of the tile. Try to get some of the mortar along the edges as shown. This will make a more natural tile.

The cropped image.

Step 4. Choose Filter>Other>Offset to push the image over; be sure to offset horizontally and vertically. Be certain to select the Wrap Around option. This step will show the seams that must be removed to create a tile.

HorizonUl: 40d piwll right f" OK Verticil | ISO | pixels down ( Cancel ) Preview

Undefined Areas C Sec to Background C Repeat Edge Pixels ^ Wrap Around

Step 5. Erase the seams using a combination of the Clone Stamp, Healing Brush, Smudge, and Blur tools. Remember to clone from several parts of the image to avoid "twins" syndrome. You can compare your pattern source with the file Ch11_ Brick_Processed.tif.

Step 6. Select>All and choose Edit>Define Pattern. You can now use the pattern as a seamless tile.

Step 7. To use a seamless tile, add a pattern adjustment layer. Be sure to save your custom patterns to your Presets folder. The Save menu can be accessed from the Pattern palette's submenu. You can move the pattern at any time to tweak the fill. Highlight the adjustment layer, and then click in the composition's window and drag.

Open the file Ch11_Wall.psd to see the results.

After cloning the seams, the tile is ready.
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