Old Photo

Want to make your own old photo? Just add noise and some tinting and you're there! The technique can even be turned into a layer style or action for quicker processing.

Step 1. Open the target photo.

Step 2. Desaturate it by pressing

Step 3. Duplicate the photo by pressing |

Step 4. Blur this copy using Gaussian Blur (Filter>Blur>Gaussian Blur). I used a 6-pixel blur.

Step 5. Add some Film Grain (Filter>Artistic>Film Grain).

Step 6. Select the Move tool by pressing Q. We need a tool without blend modes for the next shortcut to work.

Step 7. Cycle through the blend modes by pressing or

0. Adjust the opacity of the layer to taste. I used the Multiply mode.

Step 8. Add a Solid Color adjustment layer set to the tint color you want to use. Place this layer in Color or Soft Light mode for different results. Alternately, you could use a Gradient Map in a similar way.

To see this effect, open Ch10_Old_Photo.psd.

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