The Sponge is a toning tool that can be used for subtle changes in color saturation or grayscale contrast. This tool is useful for touching up spots that are too bright for television's color range. It can also be used to reduce digital grain that appears in an image.

Step 1. Select the Sponge tool by pressing

Step 2. Specify the brush and brush options.

Step 3. Choose Saturate or Desaturate, depending upon your needs.

Step 4. Adjust the flow for the tool. It is generally better to use a slower flow with several applications.

Step 5. Paint over the areas that need touching up.

Soak or Dry?

^ The Sponge tool can

Desaturate and Saturate.

Use a small brush and short strokes with the Healing Brush for best results. The Smudge tool set to Lighten or Darken mode is also useful for correcting minor blemishes.

Video #18 Action

Restoration in

You can see a video demonstration of the restoration process on the DVD-ROM.

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