Tinting a Photo

Imagine that you are working on a project showing different people, and all of your sources are full color, except one. What do you do? Dump it? Look for a tornado to carry you over the rainbow? No, you regress a bit and color it.

This technique is simple, but often overlooked.

Step 1. Create a new layer for each color you need and place the layer in Color mode.

Step 2. Paint on the layer, and it will tint the photo below. Soften the colors with the occasional use of Dodge, Burn, Blur, and Smudge. Be sure to isolate each color on a separate layer so you have better control over the image.

To see this technique open the image Ch09_Recolor.psd from the chapter's folder.

Can you spot the fake? The top picture is actually a hand-colored grayscale version. The original photo is on the lower right. (Photo by James Ball.)

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