What about Oversized Graphics?

It is possible to bring in a graphic that is larger than the screen. Make sure that the graphic is a single-layer document. This way FCP or Motion will recognize the square-pixel nature of the graphic and automatically compensate for you. Using a high-resolution image is useful for creating backgrounds or simulating motion control photography. Note: for DVD Studio Pro, it is best to bring graphics in at their final playback size.

In Final Cut Pro, keyframed motion parameters such as Center, Anchor Point, and Scale parameters in a clip's Motion tab allow panning and zooming (in Motion, you can apply behaviors to the object.) Be certain not to scale over 100%, or image softening will occur. You will also want to be sure to that the Timeline is set to maximum quality for processing the stills. Press jj-a+0 to open the Sequence Settings for the active sequence. Click the Video Processing tab then choose Best from the Motion Filtering Quality menu and click OK.

How To Create Your Own Video Product

How To Create Your Own Video Product

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