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While subtle differences exist, Premiere Pro, After Effects, and Encore DVD all interpret Photoshop files the same way. You can choose to import Photoshop files as merged layers or load each or any independent layer of a document to use each layer as a separate element.

Additionally, importing a multi-layered Photoshop file as a "sequence" or "composition" will be a significant workflow improvement. When you load a file as a sequence or composition, a new sequence is created with each layer of your Photoshop document placed on its own track. You can easily manipulate the layers and nest the sequence into another sequence or use a "pre-comp" in After Effects.

The following properties transfer from Photoshop (accuracy and full support has improved with each new release):

1. Opacity

2. Blending Modes

3. Grouped Layers.

4. Layer Set—All layers within a layer set are imported to individual layers. After Effects treats them as "pre-comps" while Encore DVD uses the organization for rollover states for buttons.

5. Type Layers—Type is rasterized for Premiere Pro and After Effects. It can be converted back to vector text in newer versions of After Effects. Encore DVD preserves the edit-ability of the text as vectors.

6. Shape Layers—Shape layers are rasterized by Premiere Pro. After Effects converts them to a solid with a Mask applied.

7. Solid Color Fill Layers—Solid Color Fill Layers are brought in as a graphic with a full-screen opaque alpha channel.

8. Gradient Fill Layers—Gradient Fill Layers are preserved upon import.

9. Pattern Fill Layers—Pattern Fill Layers import.

10. Layer Styles—The support of Layer Styles has improved with each release of the Adobe video applications. Older versions offered fair support. Newer versions have improved greatly.

11. Layer Mask—Layer Masks are applied upon import.

12. Adjustment Layers—These generally import into newer versions of After Effects and Encore DVD. Premiere Pro ignores them however.

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