What Photoshop Features Do Not Import?

1 Blending Modes—Merge the blended layers together. Only normal mode is supported

2. Layer/Set Mask—Layer and Set Masks are ignored. To keep the mask's transparency, you must merge the set or layer with an empty layer. Highlight the empty layer as a target.

3. Layer Effects—Layer effects must also be merged in order to travel.

4. Adjustment Layers—Merge the adjusted layers together.

5. Photo Filter Layers—Merge the adjusted layers together.

Ajpect Ratio, Pixel Aspect

file field Order

@ 601, non-square

@ Hon-interlaced

Maintain, non-square

Odd (Upper Field First)

w Maintain, square

Even (Lover Field First)

Maintain and Resile, square

Color Levels



<5: Use Existing

w RGB, dithered

Invert Existing

w 601


Single Frame Import

Duration: | To" seconds

JAdlodaTecl sequential filer

JAdlodaTecl sequential filer cancel

Step 5.

Step 6.

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