This filter creates small horizontal lines to simulate a wind effect. You can choose left or right, as well as three methods: Wind; Blast, and Stagger. You may have to soften the image after this effect to avoid "buzz."

Is There a Cartoonist in the House?

Have you ever been asked for a Cartoon filter? If so, the following technique works well. It's been said several times, but remember the true power in a filter lies in the Fade command (Edit>Fade).

Step 1. Open and size the image.

Step 2. Run the Find Edges Filter (Filter>Stylize>Find Edges). There is no dialog box for this effect.

Step 3. Immediately after running the filter, fade it by choosing Edit>Fade Find Edges or pressing ^^ + S + 9 OL+f^^+f) I remember this shortcut by saying I want to command (or control) how the filter shifts (i.e., Fades).

Step 4. Try Overlay mode and adjust the opacity slider to taste. Depending on your source image, different Blending Modes may be used.

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