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Depending on which version of Photoshop you have, there are presets to use for standard canvas sizes. The newer your version of Photoshop, the more accurate and complete your choices are.

Photoshop CS3's Presets

Photoshop CS3 refines the document-preset system. When you choose the create a new document (File>New. . .) you are presented with a similar window to past versions. However, you now must specify a category in the Preset List (in this case Film & Video). Photoshop then offers 10 standard-definition presets, 5 high-definition presets, and 4 film resolution presets.

These templates include nonsquare pixel support, as well as safe-title overlays. By default they are set to the proper RGB color mode and to the more widely accepted 8 Bits/Channel mode. You can of course change to 16 Bits/Channel mode before clicking OK.

Name: Photoshop CS3 Presets OK —

Preset: Films Video J I


Size: DVCPRO HD 720p T|

( Save Preset...

Width: 960 pixels J)

Delete Preset...

Height: 720 |[ pixels

Resolution: 72 pixels/inch

Image Size: 1.98M

Color Mode: RGB Color T] 8 bit T|

Background Contents: White "

* Advanced

Color Profile: Don't Color Manage this Document . 1

Pixel Aspect Ratio: HDV Anamorphic (1.333) : t

Photoshop CS and CS2's Presets

Video presets with support for nonsquare pixels launched with Photoshop CS. Adobe initially offered 9 presets for both standard and high-definition video. With Photoshop CS2, Adobe expanded support for HD documents and brought the total of presets to 10. These presets can be picked from a dropdown menu when you create a new document iX +© (^0+©).

You can access templates NTSC and PAL systems, Standard or Widescreen, and 601, DV/DVD, or HDTV. These templates were a well deserved addition to Photoshop (especially since it started its life as a tool for touching up video and film frames).


Name: |photoshop CS2 Presets > OK )

Preset: HDV. 1280 x 720 (with guides) ~71


Width: 12 SO pixels

( Save Preset,,. )

Height: 720 pixels W)

Image Size: 2.64M

Resolution: 72 pixels/inch ' \

Color Mode: RGB Color T) 8 bit !l

Background Contents: White ; \

* ' Advanced

Color Profile Working RGB: sRGB IEC61966-2.1 ;l

Pixel Aspect Ratio: Square I

In an effort to make life easier, Photoshop 7 introduced preset document sizes. These can be picked from a dropdown menu when you create a new document B-a+© (tt+CT) You have the choice between NTSC and PAL sizes, Standard or Widescreen, and 601, DV/DVD, or HDTV. These presets are useful, but they have a few flaws.

Tools,, Television

Photoshop Toolbox is a CD with actions, tutorials, royalty-free graphics, and tutorials that teach and assist Photoshop users in designing graphics for video. Tools for Television PRO is a standalone application that adds a video-specific palette to Photoshop that provides productivity tools such as template creation, automatic alpha channel creation, frame grabbing from live video, and automated creation of titles and other video-related graphics. Look for a sample of the actions and a demo of both (as well as a special upgrade offer) on this book's DVD-ROM.


f="or~ Te/evtsion


Thf P

rt mli rr Tool for Pholoihop and Br< Video


First, always check your Image menu. Photoshop presents you with five choices; RGB is the correct one. The second problem: no title- or action-safe guidelines. Action-safe shows the portion of the frame that should show on all TVs. Title-safe is the area in which titles should be created to minimize any text crowding at the edges. If you want to manually add these, the safe-action area is 10% of the original image, and the title-safe area is 20% of the original frame size.

Step 1. Create a new video-sized document.

Step 3. Right-click on the rulers and change the units to Percent.

Step 4. Add eight guides total—four horizontal and four vertical. Add them at 5%, 10%, 90%, and 95%.

If you are using Photoshop 7 (or earlier) and don't want to create your own safe-title document, then I recommend the Tools for Television Photoshop Toolbox ( This solution provides actions for creating safe-title documents (and many other cool things as well). The entire sets add up to only 704 kilobytes, far smaller than even a single template graphic. They work extremely well and are very accurate. You can find a demo for Tools for Television (as well as a discount offer) on the disc.

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