Wrinkles, Holes, and Tears

To simplify the problem, you have areas that are missing and need to be replaced. For small areas like pushpin holes, you can easily use the Clone Stamp to sample an adjacent area and fill in the space. It is possible to just "finger-paint" the problem away using the Smudge tool as well. If the hole is in a dark area, set the Smudge tool to Darken, and push the pixels in. This virtual spackle works extremely well. Tears of a significant size benefit from the Clone Stamp tool. To avoid repeating patterns, try cloning at a low opacity and sample from different areas. A little bit of randomness goes a long way.

If things are really bad, consider a vignette effect and blur the outside edges. Make an elliptical selection, then reverse it by pressing +0 (o'l1 o). Then feather the edges extensively and run the Gaussian Blur filter.

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