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Zoom Blur

This effect produces a nice light blast from the focal point of an object. Crop and size your image for video and make sure you are in RGB mode.

Step 1. Duplicate the background layer by pressing^^+j

Step 2. Desaturate the duplicate layer by pressing

Step 3. Apply a Zoom Blur by selecting Filter>Radial Blur> Zoom. Use an amount of 100 at Good quality (High quality takes forever. Move the center-point by dragging within the dialog box).

Step 4. Specify the maximum blur and position the focal point for the blur at the focal point of your object. Click OK.

Step 5. Repeat the blur filter by pressing ^^+0

Step 6. On the background, make a Levels Adjustment

(Image>Adjustments>Levels). Bring the black and white sliders towards center. Move the gray slider (the midpoint) away from black.

Step 7. Change the blend mode of the layer to taste. In this case I used Screen mode.

Step 8. Run a levels adjustment on the background to add some contrast. Using a soft-edge brush and the eraser tool set to 30% opacity, erase away parts of the blast layer, leaving just the image below. I did this over detailed areas such as the face.

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