Applying Advanced Blending Options

Jj Double clicking a layer name in previous versions of Photoshop displayed the Layer

U Properties dialog box, which included the same Opacity and blend mode pop up menu found in the Layers palette, plus options for changing the layer name and the layer color displayed in the palette. Now, you must Alt-double-click to get the Layer Properties dialog box, which contains only the name and layer color options.

A simple double-click on the background layer name in the Layers palette displays the New Layer dialog box, which you can use to turn the background layer into a regular layer, as discussed in Chapter 12. Double-clicking any other layer displays the Layer Style dialog box. This one dialog box holds controls for adding layer effects, changing the opacity and blend mode of a layer, and achieving some special blending tricks, such as blending the top layer in a multilayered image with the background layer instead of the layer immediately below.

By default, the Blending Options panel of the dialog box appears when you doubleclick the layer name, as shown in Figure 13-16. If you're working in some other area of the dialog box, click the Blending Options item at the top of the list on the left side of the dialog box. You can also display the blending options by choosing Blending Options from the Layers palette menu or the Layer ^ Layer Style submenu. If you're a fan of context-sensitive menus, right-click the layer name and choose Blending Options instead.

Figure 13-16: Using the Advanced Blending options, you can fade image pixels independent of layer effects, blend individual color channels, and more.

You already know how the two General Blending options, Blend Mode and Opacity, work; these are the same options found in the Layers palette (and discussed earlier in this chapter). The next few sections explain the Advanced Blending options, spotlighted in Figure 13-16. These features, like other aspects of blend modes, can be perplexing at first. But after you get the hang of them, they enable you to perform some pretty cool tricks that aren't possible with the standard Blend Mode and Opacity controls.

For details about all the layer styles listed on the left side of the dialog box, head for the next chapter.

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