Basic edit tools

The two arrow tools — the black select tool and the white direct select tool — enable you to change a shape by dragging it around or moving the points. Both tools work just like their counterparts in Illustrator:

It Select (V): Drag a shape with the black arrow tool to move the whole ^ shape. If you know Illustrator, you already know about the weird V key shortcut. If not, think of Photoshop's own move tool.

Ik Direct select (A): Use the white arrow to move individual points. ^ Dragging a point in a sphere resizes it. Dragging a point in a cube or a cylinder stretches or rotates the shape. Experiment and you'll quickly see how it works. (Unlike paths, dragged points have no control handles. All you have to work with are anchor points.)

Tip You can switch between the black and white arrow tools by pressing Ctrl+Tab. But really, there's no point. The white arrow does everything the black arrow does — just drag a segment to move the entire shape. In fact, there's just one keyboard trick you need to remember: press Ctrl to temporarily get the white arrow tool when any other tool is active. If you know that, the other keys are redundant.

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