Brush Shape and Opacity

So far, I mentioned the words brush shape several times, and I have yet to explain what the Sam Hill I'm talking about. Luckily, it's simple. The brush shape is the size and shape of the tip of your cursor when you use a paint or edit tool. A big, round brush shape paints or edits in broad strokes. A small, elliptical brush shape is useful for performing hairline adjustments.

By default, your cursor outline reflects the selected brush shape. If your cursor instead looks like a crosshair or tool icon, press Ctrl+K to bring up the Preferences dialog box and press Ctrl+3 for the Display & Cursors panel. Then select Brush Size from the Painting Cursors radio buttons. Now you can create a brush as big as 999 pixels in diameter and have your cursor grow accordingly.

Tip When you use a very small brush, four dots appear around the cursor perimeter, making the cursor easier to locate. If you need a little more help, press the Caps Lock key to access the more obvious crosshair cursor.

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