Commands and options

To distinguish the literal names of commands, dialog boxes, buttons, and so on, I capitalize the first letter in each word (for example, click on the Cancel button). The only exceptions are option names, which can be six or seven words long and filled with prepositions like to and of. Traditionally, prepositions and articles (a, an, the) don't appear in initial caps, and this book follows that time-honored rule, too.

When discussing menus and commands, I use an arrow symbol to indicate hierarchy. For example, Choose File^ Open means to choose the Open command from the File menu. If you have to display a submenu to reach a command, I list the command used to display the submenu between the menu name and the final command. Choose Image^ Adjust^ Invert means to choose the Adjust command from the Image menu and then choose the Invert command from the Adjust submenu.

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