Converting points

Photoshop lets you change the identity of an interior point. You can convert a corner point to a smooth point and vice versa. You perform all point conversions using the convert point tool as follows:

♦ Smooth to corner: Click an existing smooth point to convert it to a corner point with no Bezier control handle.

♦ Smooth to cusp: Drag one of the handles of a smooth point to move it independently of the other, thus converting the smooth point to a cusp.

♦ Corner to smooth: Drag from a corner point to convert it to a smooth point with two symmetrical Bezier control handles.

♦ Cusp to smooth: Drag one of the handles of a cusp point to lock both handles back into alignment, thus converting the cusp to a smooth point.

Tip Press Alt to access the convert point tool temporarily when one of the three pen tools is active and positioned over a selected point. To do the same when an arrow tool is active, press Ctrl+Alt.

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