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Another way to crop an image is to create a selection and then choose Image ^ Crop. As with the Version 6 crop tool, the Crop command gives you the option of permanently eliminating cropped pixels or simply hiding them in the image file. You can bring back hidden pixels at any time by choosing Image ^ Reveal All or simply enlarging the canvas. (If you save the image in a file format other than the native Photoshop format, however, hidden pixels are abandoned forever.)

One advantage of the Crop command is that you needn't switch back and forth between the marquee and crop tools. One tool is all you need to select and crop. (If you're as lazy as I am, the mere act of selecting a tool can prove more effort than it's worth.) And, as with the crop tool, you can now press the spacebar while you draw a marquee to move it on the fly. It's no trick to get the placement and size exactly right — the only thing you can't do is rotate.

Another advantage of the Crop command is flexibility. With the Crop command, you get all the following options:

♦ After drawing a selection, you can switch windows, apply commands, and generally use any function you like prior to choosing Image ^ Crop. The crop tool, by contrast, is much more limiting. After drawing a cropping marquee, you can't do anything but adjust the marquee until you press Enter to accept the crop or Escape to dismiss it.

♦ You can use the Crop command on selections of any shape, even feathered selections and multiple discontiguous selections. Of course, your image canvas remains rectangular no matter what the selection shape. Photoshop simply crops the canvas to the smallest size that can hold all selected areas.

♦ Finally, Image ^ Crop lets you crop the canvas to the boundaries of an image pasted from the Clipboard or dragged and dropped from another image window. As long as the boundaries of the pasted image are rectangular, as in the case of an image copied from a different application, you can choose Edit ^ Paste, Ctrl-click the new layer in the Layers palette to regain the selection outline, and then choose Image ^ Crop. Photoshop replaces the former image and crops the window to fit the new image.

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