Cropping an image to match another

There are two ways to crop an image so it matches the size and resolution of another image:

♦ Bring the image you want to crop forward and choose Image ^ Canvas Size. Then, while inside the Canvas Size dialog box, select the name of the image you want to match from the Window menu.

This method doesn't give you much control when cropping an image, but it's a great way to enlarge the canvas and add empty space around an image.


♦ Better yet, use the crop tool in its fixed-size mode. This feature works differently than in versions past, so pay attention: First, bring the image you want to match to the front. Then select the crop tool and click the Front Image button on the Options bar. (Don't waste time looking for the old Fixed Target Size option — it's gone. The tool automatically shifts into fixed-size mode when you click the Front Image button.) The Width, Height, and Resolution options automatically update to show the size and resolution of the front image.

Now bring the image you want to crop to the front and drag with the crop tool as normal. Photoshop constrains the crop marquee to the proportions of the targeted image. After you press Enter, Photoshop crops, resamples, and rotates the image as necessary.

The next time you select the crop tool, it starts out in fixed-size mode. To return the tool to normal, click the Clear button on the Options bar.

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