Cylinder editors

The three path-edit tools are applicable exclusively to cylinders. Why? Because cylinders can be modified to create a whole family of tubular shapes. Throw the cylinder on the lathe and you can make an hourglass, a goblet, a cone — in short, any shape with radial symmetry and a flat top or bottom. To make these shapes, you use the following tools:

+ Insert point (+): Click the right side of the cylinder — unless you turn it upside down, in which case you click the left side — to add a point. Then drag the point with the white arrow tool to move both sides symmetrically. It's a virtual potter's wheel.

A — Remove point (-): Click a point you've added with the insert point tool W to remove it. Don't click any of the square points that Photoshop put in there or the program will whine at you.

IK Convert point: The insert point tool adds circular smooth points that I create continuous arcs in the side of the cylinder. To change the point to a sharp corner, click it with the convert point tool. Click again to change the point back to a smooth point.

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