Duplicating effects

Once you apply an effect to a layer, the effect becomes an element that you can copy and apply to other layers. Select the layer with the effects you want to duplicate and choose Layer ^ Layer Style ^ Copy Layer Style. Or right-click the layer name in the Layers palette and choose Copy Layer Style from the context-sensitive menu. Then

Note select another layer, right-click it, and choose Paste Layer Style. To paste a copied effect onto multiple layers at a time, link them together (as explained in the section "Linking layers" in Chapter 12) and choose the Paste Layer Style to Linked command.

The Copy and Paste Layer Style commands bypass the Clipboard. This means you can copy an image and then copy an effect without displacing the image.

Tip Paste Layer Style duplicates all effects associated with one layer onto another. But what if you want to duplicate a single effect only? Just drag the effect name from one layer and drop it below another in the Layers palette. Be sure you see a bar below the layer name when dropping the effect — otherwise, it won't take.

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